27 September 2011

Fire: Pretty

September 11, 2011
Henry Cowell Redwoods SP, CA


Work's done with and we need to unwind. Comatose (link) and I head out to camp. And you know what camp means?

I am master of fire, bringer of death!
Awwww yeah.

S'mores are first, obviously.

Then dinner and booze!

Tony Roma's is there for you, man. He is.
Ribs, burned french rolls, Chinese hot and sour soup, summer sausage and Weidmer Hefeweizen in front of a 10 dollar grill bought at Walmart. We watch some Doctor Who under the stars and surrounded by the sound of wind and an oncoming rain. Honestly, camping is the highlight of my trip up north. Even though I burned the crap out of my toes by stubbing them on these ninja bastards:

Just because they protect you from mosquitoes doesn't mean they're your friend.
Ahh, then morning. Know what I love about mornings? making breakfast for a pretty girl.

Master of fire is bringer of breakfast
And do you know what breakfast has?

Oh sweet Jesus...

It's ok to drool. And it's gluten free!

Yeah. Camping's the shit.



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