04 July 2011

A Very American AX

July 2, 2011
Los Angeles, CA, US


I work in south LA long before the sun dares show its face to the world. There's a harsh and crisp darkness every morning--the scent of the homeless and the hardened.

It never softens up--it only dials up in volume and color. That darkness does't give way to day--it merely mixes with the over white sunlight.

Then this happens:

I love Anime Expo.

There has been a better IRL Celty but this one gets points for dedication. never talks, barely moves, always txting.

Axis Powers: Hetalia gives people the ability dress Nazi-ish without any of that political career ending business.

The saving grace here is the elaborate costuming.


If you haven't watched Afro Samurai, I urge you to take a heavy shot of JD and contemplate what you're doing with your life. Then go ahead and watch the ultra-violent, blaxploitation Gonzo anachronismfest that is Afro Samurai. Just remember that Samuel L. Jackson is very disappointed in you.

It was great seeing such an accurate Haru Hara but, seriously, that dude on the left. I love anime nerds. They are my people.

And, on occasion, they prove to be some serious BAMFs

You know... Nice try, at least.

Next, 6 hours of parkour, two family barbeques and beer pong. I love America!



Pigs in a Danish Quilt

June 29th, 2011
Los Angeles, CA


Nothing special--just obsessed with pigs in a blanket lately. And thanks to Cooking with My Kid, I totally achieved this (link)! She calls em Snake Dogs, though. Something about a snake constricting around my food is attractive to me. You see, I'm eating a snake which is eating a pig which is actually made of cow.


Basically, take whatever pastry/croissant dough is available and wrap it all up on that sausage. There's an immature joke to be had there. I'm just too cool to do it here.

In this instance, it was Hygge Bakery croissant dough wrapped around a Hebrew National. I less than 3 life right now.